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Straight soldering iron tip
Price: $40.00
LA-CO Soldering flux LA-CO 4 oz Soldering Flux
Item #WFLUX4
Price: $9.45
Tri-bar solder 50/50 Solder, 1/3 lb, ¼” Tri Bar (1 stick)
Item #WSOLD1
Price: $6.05

50 LBS Tri-Bar Solder
Item #WSOLD50
Price: $878.25
Sal Ammoniac Sal Ammoniac Blocks
Item #WSAL
Price: $15.00
DuraSil sealant DuraSil Sealant – Translucent – 1 Tube
Item #WDT
Price: $16.15
Durasil adheres to Kynar and copper. You can find more information on DuraSil here, or the Data Sheet here.
**Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice
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