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2" copper downspout 10′ of 2″ round 16 oz copper downspout, seamed with crimped end. *Special Order*
Item #WCDS2

Contact us for a quote on downspout, crating & shipping charges.
2" copper downspout strap 2″ round copper downspout strap
Item #WCDS2S

Price: $10.00
2" copper drop outlet 2″ round copper drop outlet
Item #WCDO2

Price: $12.05
2" crimped copper downspout elbow 2″ round crimped elbow – *Special Order*
Item #WCEL2

Contact us for price
Custom Stainless Steel Downspout Strainers – made to order. Contact us with size, style (round, square or rectangular) and quantity for a quote.
DuraSil sealant DuraSil Sealant – Translucent – 1 Tube
Item #WDT
Price: $19.15
Durasil adheres to Kynar and copper. You can find more information on DuraSil here, or the Data Sheet here.
#10 x 1 5/8″ Bugle Square DECKING Screws – Stainless
Item #WS158BSDeck
Price: $13.05

2″ copper downspout pairs well with these gutters: 4″ half round copper gutter | 5″ half round copper gutter | 5″ Ogee copper gutter

**Prices Subject to Change Without Prior Notice
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