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galvanized steel coil

Galvanized steel is used for standard roof flashings, gutters, downspouts – most every sheetmetal product. Galvanized typically requires preparation in order to be painted – Bonderized (AKA Paintlok) is paint-ready galvanized. All of our galvanized is G90, ASTM A653.

Galvanization is a zinc coating applied to steel. Once the coating is gone, you just have bare steel. G90 galvanized is superior to G60, which is why we only carry G90. G90 Galvanized gutters will last up to 30 years if properly maintained (and depending on environmental conditions). If you let leaves sit in the bottom, they will rust through in a matter of a few years.

Bonderized Stock:

  • 26 & 24 Gauge 48 x 120 sheets and 48″ wide coils

Galvanized Stock:

  • 26 Gauge through 10 Gauge 48 x 120 sheets

  • 26 Gauge through 20 Gauge 48″ wide coil

Gauge Thickness Typical Uses
26 Gauge .0217″  Gutter, downspout, 10′ flashings, chimney/skylight saddles
24 Gauge .0276″  Gutter, downspout, 10’/20′ flashings, chimney/skylight saddles
22 Gauge .0336″  Gutter, 10’/20′ flashings
20 Gauge .0396″  Gutter, 10’/20′ flashings
18 Gauge .0516″  Heavy duty gutter, grease duct (welded duct), work bench covers
16 Gauge .0635″  Grease duct (welded duct), work bench covers
14 Gauge .0785″  Brackets, structural applications
12 Gauge .1084″  Brackets, structural applications
10 Gauge .1382″  Brackets, structural applications
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