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In the Brussels, January 12, 2010 press release, the Director of Nursing states “…it is estimated that 80% of infections are spread by touch…”.  The Copper Development Association website is replete with articles showing the efficacy of copper in fighting the spread of infections.

If you like to know that your kitchen countertops, and/or bathroom countertops, are truly clean and as germ, bacteria, fungus and mold free as possible, copper, or a copper containing product (brass, bronze) is the only way to go.


Concord Sheet Metal is a fabricator of all things sheet metal.  One of our specialties is copper and stainless steel counter tops.  We offer several edge styles, we can weld radius corners, and can weld in our customers’ copper sink (smooth, seamless and beautiful!).

As all counter tops vary (width? length? edge choice? radius corners? sink welded in? size and shape of that sink? any cut outs for electrical outlets? attached backsplash?), the details are imperative to give an accurate quote for a counter top.

As of 02-24-10, the price for a copper counter top, measuring 100 inches long and 40 inches wide, with 1 ½” square edges, with a ½ inch return (turned under) and welded corners, would be under $1800.00, which is about $45.00 per square foot, plus tax.  This is what would be used for an island, as all four sides are turned down and all four corners welded.  The customer would supply the plywood substrate.  All of our countertops are made from 48 oz copper (48 oz per square foot).

If you would like to read the press release: “Public Health/Raw Materials – Irish Hospital First to Harness Copper Technology to Fight Infections”,  then please log on to www.copperdev.co.uk.  In the search box, type Public Health.  At this time, the second article down will be “Irish Hospital First to Harness Copper Technology to Fight Infections”.   You will see several other articles about the health benefits of having copper surfaces in hospitals, schools and homes. 

An added plus?  The copper used to make our countertops is 70 to 100% recycled material.  Also, if you ever decide to replace them, the copper is 100% recyclable.  Talk about “Going Green”!

To contact us for a quote on all of your sheet metal needs, either call, fax or email to:

925-680-8723 ph,   925-680-6569 fax,   estimator@concordsheetmetal.com

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